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29601, Marbella - España
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Civil Law

- Inheritance advice, managment procedures
- Testament bestowal/conferment
- Claims of hurts and prejudices
- Owners communities
- Claim management

Legal advice in Real Estate (in property law)

- Sales and acquisitions of Real Estate
- Mortage procedures
- Leasing (lease agreements)
- Development construction and technical contracts

Corporate Law

- Corporate societies constitution
- Mergers and acquisitions
- Corporate reorganizations procedures
- Appeal against collective agreement

Bankruptcy Law

- Study and preparation of bankruptcy applications
- Assistance and advise during the whole Bankruptcy process
- Bankruptcy creditor’s defence
- Bankruptcy administration


- Action for payments
- Contracts resolution
- Payments and executions on mortage /foreclosure
- Provisional order granting possession or retention of disputed property/Interlocutory injunction against further construction
- Inheritance and testamentary execution/ Consumer and users defence
- Claims against insurance companies
- Construction law and litigations

Public Procurement

- Legal advice in legal procurement contracts
- Certification for public procurement
- Appeal against contracts awards
- Legal advice referring public procurement in water, energy, transport and postal services.