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De Luna Oliver Abogados guarantees a personal and accessible legal advice of highest quality service.
Our aim is to provide you with the best service by searching together for the optimal solution for your legal problems.
Our client’s permanent trust is the major proof of our professionalism.

For your convenience, we can serve both Spanish and English or German.

Civil Law

- Inheritance advice, managment procedures
- Testament bestowal/conferment
- Claims of hurts and prejudices
- Owners communities
- Claim management

Legal advice in Real Estate (in property law)

- Sales and acquisitions of Real Estate
- Mortage procedures
- Leasing (lease agreements)
- Development construction and technical contracts

Corporate Law

- Corporate societies constitution
- Mergers and acquisitions
- Corporate reorganizations procedures
- Appeal against collective agreement

Bankruptcy Law

- Study and preparation of bankruptcy applications
- Assistance and advise during the whole Bankruptcy process
- Bankruptcy creditor’s defence
- Bankruptcy administration


- Action for payments
- Contracts resolution
- Payments and executions on mortage /foreclosure
- Provisional order granting possession or retention of disputed property/Interlocutory injunction against further construction
- Inheritance and testamentary execution/ Consumer and users defence
- Claims against insurance companies
- Construction law and litigations

Public Procurement

- Legal advice in legal procurement contracts
- Certification for public procurement
- Appeal against contracts awards
- Legal advice referring public procurement in water, energy, transport and postal services.