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Plaza Los Olivos SN
Edif. Los Olivos Oficina 1
29601, Marbella - España
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Our dedication to the law comes from a long family tradition.

Note here as a tribute to two people whose career and intellectual relevance is for us a source of inspiration and respect.

Don Bienvenido Oliver y Esteller:( 1836-1912)

Considered the father of Spanish real estate law. Leading figure in the Spanish thought of the nineteenth century. President of the General Directorate of registration and notary, member of the Royal Academy of History.


- Vocal and later president of the editors of mortgage laws of Cuba and Puerto Rico commissions.
▪ Si los censos son de suyo perjudiciales, Madrid, 1860
▪ Estudios históricos sobre el derecho civil en Cataluña, Barcelona, 1867
▪ Historia del derecho en Cataluña, Mallorca y Valencia, 4 tomos, Madrid, 1876 y 1881
▪ La Nación y la Realeza en los Estados de la Corona de Aragón, Madrid, 1884
▪ Des innovations introduites dans la législation de la lettre de change, billets á ordre et chêques por le nouveau Code de Commerce espagnol, Amberes 1885
▪ Los Tribunales especiales de comercio, Madrid, 1886
▪ La loi espagnole relative au comerçe maritime, traduite et mise en concordance avec les lois similaires allemande, belge, fraçaise, italienne et neerlandaise (en colaboración con Victor Jacobs y Lambert Riwerx), París, 1886
▪ Breve sumario del proyecto del Código Civil de Alemania y del Proyecto de Ley para su planteamiento, Madrid, 1889
▪ Derecho Inmobiliario Español, Madrid, 1892
▪ Bases para una legislación mercantil uniforme iberoamericana sobre abordajes y asistencias de naves mercantes en el mar, Madrid, 1892
▪ Las Cortes de los Antiguos Reinos de Aragón y Valencia y Principado de Cataluña (en colaboración con Fidel Fita), Madrid, 1901.

Don Luis Oliver Sacristan: ( 1910-1986)

Notary, whose relevance , professionalism and affection earned for citizens of Marbella put him posthumously a street in his name where he worked from December 1952 until shortly before his death.

It was from his arrival in Marbella and for decades, only Notary from Fuengirola to Estepona including several populations inside and Ojen and Istan Benahavis. This meant that it was a direct witness of the great transformation in those years in the Costa del Sol and especially in Marbella, its most exclusive area.

In the notary, then located in the southernmost part of the street that bears his name, scripts that would mean the final leap of Marbella as an international benchmark among which the declaration of new work of Puerto Banus highlights were signed.

Continuing the family tradition took place with the founding of the Office DE LUNA OLIVER ABOGADOS in 2008 and we hope that together with you go ahead along the years and generations.